Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Using Social Media To Advance Bicycling

Some terrific web reporting going on in Portland and San Francisco regarding bicycle life on the streets.

A breakout session on using social media and the Web also included a Philadelphia-area bike coalition leader describing the explosion of bicycling in her city -- thenh the backlash when two pedestrioan were killede by bicyclists in the past year.

She discussed how her bike coalition used blogs, Facebook and Twitter to deal with the difficult scene. A city council member wanted to have every bicyclist buy a license plate -- which deserved an immediate response, she noted.

Off to a 5:15 PM meeting where state delegations will meet to plot strategy for tomorrow's lobbying visit to Congress.


Jordi said...
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Jordi said...

Alan, could you link to some examples? I'd definitely like to read what they are doing. Great job up there!