Saturday, October 13, 2012

How About Closing Bayshore For Bicyclists Before The Nov 4 Bicycle Bash In Downtown Tampa

Daily confessions of an early-morning bicyclist II: Just after dawn Bayshore Blvd in Tampa is closed for a running event, I believe -- and I bike the empty boulevard and revel in the joyfulness of biking on a road in Tampa without a car buzzing me or a motorist yelling at me to get on the side walk. Then I thought, what if Mayor Bob closed Bayshore for two hours from 8-10am before the NOV 4 Sunday Bicycle Bash Festival and allowed the denizens to take it to the streets on their bikes before the bike festival in downtown? What do you think?

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peep said...

If Central Park can close its roads every weekend, Tampa should be able to close Bayshore for a couple hours.

If it became a monthly affair
it could turn into a market with vendors, music, etc.