Thursday, January 17, 2013

Net-Zero Bike Shop Las Vegas Cyclery Holds Open House Wednesday

The Las Vegas Cyclery believes it's the only "net zero" bike shop in the country; that is, the 10,000-square-foot bike shop that cost $3 million to build is the sole bike store in the U.S. that produces more energy than it takes in from the local power company.

I did a profile of this ultra-green building several weeks ago. Here's the Review-Journal story.

On Wednesday, there was a nice open house for folks to get together and check out this amazing, innovative bike shop building.

Here's Jared Fisher, the store's owner from Blue Diamond, chatting with a Metro Las Vegas police officer.

Jared also built this table from old bike parts, including an old mountain bike tire.

The store has two levels, with the top level offering space for community groups to meet.

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