Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fat Tire and Low Rider Bicyclists Descend On Vegas

So instead of following a planned route to some of Southern Nevada's pretty landscape destinations, I decided to check out the West Beltway Trail and then head to the Strip and downtown.

I let the bike ride take me instead of the other way around.

And I was rewarded with catching up with a fat tire/low-rider bike rally ride on Flamingo Blvd.

"Thanks for letting a guy in Spandex with narrow tires join the ride," I told a low-rider.

He smiled, and said, "As long as you're riding two wheels, you're welcome to ride with us."

It was a fat tire rally of bicyclists from across the western U.S., from San Jose and San Diego to Boulder, Colo.

Check out these rides.

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