Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vegas Is A Good Bike Town, But The Strip Needs Improvements For Bicyclists

I don't have any beefs about bicycling in Las Vegas. More miles of bike lanes than Portland. A terrific bike-commuting road in Alta Drive, with a bike lane the entire length and a road that's off-limits to commercial traffic. And drivers who are far more courteous than the hostile bunch I encountered in Tampa, where motorists cursed me out, screamed at me to get off the road and even wanted to fight me.

But the Las Vegas area does a have a problem area for bicyclists. It's The Strip in Clark County and there needs to be improved access for bicyclists on this world-famous iconic stretch of mega-sized hotel-casinos. I bicycled down the Strip around noontime today to give you a feel for the tight quarters on the road.


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