Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Bicycle Ride and a Meeting with Shane Victorino

Another reason why I like to travel by bicycle instead of by car:

One day several years ago in Clearwater, I was bicycling on the Clearwater East-West paved trail that skirts the edge of the Phillies' spring training complex, including running right behind the centerfield fence of one of the training fields.

I stopped at the chainlink fence and began chatting with a young centerfielder by the name of Shane Victorino.

We chatted about the Mets-Phillies games and I was always impressed that this major-leaguer was so down to earth and friendly and willing to chat up a passing bicyclist.

That's what I recalled last night when Victorino hit the grand slam for his new team, the Red Sox, and helped them get into the World Series.

And it was another reason why I appreciate bicycling so much.

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