Friday, October 25, 2013

Dr.Scott Celebrates No. 700 Around Red Rock Loop

Happy No. 700 Scott.

This morning I met Dr. Scott, a semi-retired veterinarian and vet teacher at Nevada State College in Henderson. We pulled up together on our road bicycles at the Red Rock Canyon scenic loop toll booth and went on to chat and bike the entire 13 miles together and the six miles back to the Summerlin shopping area at Charleston/Desert Foothills corner.

We're both in our 50s, from Brooklyn, went to Mets games in Queens and look at bicycling as an amazing meditative endeavor besides offering the obvious physical health benefits.

This morning was Scott's 700th trip around the Red Rock loop -- a startling feat. He loves to bike south Utah, too. He was  a vet in Italy for nine years and loved cycling Europe, He traveled to Asia and Africa, too. He has lived in the Vegas area for the last decade.

"You're not promised tomorrow. I love biking. I live for the here and now."

Good advice from someone who has been around the Red Rock loop a few times.

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