Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cycling The West Orange Trail

Escape Adventures is happy to provide hill-hungry bicyclists in Florida with gorgeous rolling terrain to pedal in central Florida's Clermont area.

And for those bicyclists who would rather pedal a paved trail instead of the roads in the Alps of Florida, Escape Adventures also can offer the neighboring West Orange Trail, a 22-mile strip of pavement with several nice trailheads.

It passes through a lovely community of Oakland, where bicyclists are treated to artwork.

The West Orange Trail also leads into the fun downtown of Winter Garden, about 20 minutes west of Orlando. The trail runs right down the center of the main business district.

The trail also runs through some serene wooded areas and even has a western extension -- the South Lake-Lake Minneola Scenic Trail, which runs into adjacent Lake County.

Keep the West Orange Trail in mind when you're deciding what rides you would like to take.

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