Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Bicycling To Chat With Folks Who Allow You To Smell The Flowers

When I bicycled back and forth on Alta Drive from Summerlin to downtown Las Vegas and back all the time, I always stopped at a house that had roses along a low brick wall lining its front lawn.

I remember chatting with a gentleman by the name of Harry, who happened to be a bicyclist, too, of all things.

Well, just yesterday morning, I bicycled down the big hill of Alta to downtown and stopped to chat with this lady at the house.

I told her I was a bicyclist who long admired the roses lining their front lawn.

And I asked about Harry.

Well, this is Marianne, and she informed me that Harry died a few months ago.

It was sad to hear, but I did tell Marianne that I always enjoyed seeing their blooming rose bushes along Alta Drive, just west of the Rainbow intersection.

Marianne told me she was a retired mathematics teacher who know volunteered at the Assistance League of Las Vegas.

I told her I knew her husband from stopping to chat with him during my Alta Drive bicycle excursions.

It's the beauty of the bicycle -- fantastic human-powered, engine-free transportation with the chance to connect to people on the street.

It's also why I can't bike in groups. I stop to chat with people when I pedal all the time.

And these bicycle adventures are all in my new book, Bicycle Man: Life of Journeys.

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