Saturday, April 25, 2020

Tifosi's New Sledge Models Rock

I have my new favorite bicycling sunglasses.

To handle the bright sun of Las Vegas and the Western United States, I'm wearing Tifosi's new Sledge model, Crystal Orange with Clarion Blue lens.

The photo above is the sunglasses modeling itself along the famed Red Rock scenic drive outside Las Vegas.

Tifosi's bread-and-butter is its high quality sunglasses that sell for less than triple figures. In this case, the Sledge models are priced in the $69.96-$79.95 range.

I love the orange frame, which feels light but durable on my face. And the large lens surface blocks all harsh sun glare. As you can see, the frame is sturdy enough that it supports my rear view mirror quite nicely.

There are three other Sledge models -- Crystal red with a Clarion Yellow lens, Matte Black with a Smole lens and Matte White with a Smoke lens.

Each option includes two additional shield lenses: a clear lens and Tifosi’s high-contrast AC Red lens. With Sledge, cyclists are equipped with the ideal tint for any lighting condition.

Bicycle Stories recommends the Sledge sunglasses by Tifosi.

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