Sunday, November 25, 2012

Catching Up With An Old Friend By Bicycle

It didn't matter that it was 41 degrees and breezy out of the West on the farm roads outside Frederick, MD.

I hardly felt the cold. That's what happens when you bike with a great high school friend for only the second time in 33 years.

Paul Feinberg always had a quick smile and a reliable 15-foot jump shot and today he offered warm conversation while we cycled on a late November day.

Paul went to Tulane and I went to Hobart College in the fall of 1979.

We didn't see each other again until June 2009 when I drove with my bicycle to Paul's home in Frederick and we biked 40 miles on the rural Frederick-area roads.

Then today we biked the same route and renewed a friendship that was made possible with a great bike ride.

It was great catching up with a fellow Fightin' Maccabee.

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