Friday, November 16, 2012

Transition Time For SWFBUD and the Bicycle Movement in Tampa

It's transition time.

I might be leaving.

But the bicycle movement in Tampa will continue to grow. It's simply the next stage.

The next step will grow out of an initial meeting held two days ago in Tampa where more than 30 bicyclists of all backgrounds came together to discuss the transition from my efforts on behalf of SWFBUD to another community-based group to continue growing bicycling in the Tampa and Tampa Bay area.

Toward that end, bicyclist Mike Weimar has created a discussion group to get the transition ball rolling. Thank you Mike.

Here is Mike's email to the folks who provided their email contact info at Wednesday's meeting:

"Welcome to the discussion group help further Alan Snel and SWFBUD's goals of 
a better cycling community in the Tampa Bay area. This is an open group, so 
please feel free to invite folks who would like to participate in the initial 
transitionary discussion. This is not intended to be a wide open public group.
It will serve as a transitionary step between what Alan had built and what it 
will eventually become. A public discussion group will come in the future, but
this is to continue the discussion from the evening of November 14, 2012. If 
you have any questions please feel free to email me at I 
am stepping up to help facilitate this transition, but in no way am assuming 
any ownership, that is what we are all here to decide as a group. Thank you 
all again for your support of the cycling community in the Tampa Bay area, now
let's get the ideas and discussion rolling!
Mike Weimar

Here is the group's description:

A transitionary discussion group to help facilitate the dissolution of Alan 
Snel's SWFBUD organization to a community initiative in the Tampa Bay area to
further better and safer and cycling access for all members of the community."

* * *

The bike shops and lawyers of SWFBUD will also be having their own meeting in January to discuss how they perceive the future. I will tell you that the owners of the SWFBUD bike shops care deeply about furthering bicycling in Tampa Bay and I'm sure they will want to coordinate their efforts with whatever new group emerges from Wednesday's first meeting.

This is an exciting time for bicycling in the Tampa area. Local political leaders are more aware of the relevance and value of bicycling than ever before, several regional trail projects are in various stages of development and more people than ever care deeply about growing bicycling in Tampa Bay.

I leave knowing that the bicycle awareness movement that SWFBUD helped start in Tampa will be growing with new leaders into its next stage. I will watch from afar with pride as I see your your work and efforts result in the next stage of bicycle growth in the Tampa area.

I'll be saying good-bye at a party Saturday at 7 PM at my house. Email me if you need more info.

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