Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Frosty Morning At Daybreak At Red Rocks Canyon

A cold front came through and the wind kicked in to the tune of 25 mph and the temps fell into the 30s. It was crystal clear, so I went to Red Rocks Canyon to see the first sun come up and enjoy the growing shadows.


Anonymous said...

Did you move to Nevada? My mom lives out in the sticks between Vegas & Reno.

Alan said...

Yes I did -- and who are you?

Ellen said...

Sorry, it's Ellen from Miami. I follow your blog and hadn't checked in a couple of months, maybe more than a couple? Anyway, there were pictures of Vegas so I was wondering if it was just an extended vacation or a permanent move. I am enjoying your photos.
37.6678° N, 118.0675° W is where my mom lives. There is a dedicated bike lane that runs out of north Las Vegas to Pahrump. I wouldn'try it in the summer, though as there is no respite from the sun. Las Vegas can use your bike advocacy work!