Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bumping Into The Thursday Evening Lisa Ride

If you're cycling in Summerlin on a Thursday evening, chances are pretty good you will bump into Lisa Caterbone's bicycle club/ bicyclists.

I did tonight.

I was cycling down Charleston Blvd. on my own ride and planned to take the new 215 trail extension when I saw a bike train of white and red lights around 9 pm.

I joined in for a few miles including a nice uphill on Far Hills Avenue.

Lisa's bike group is perfect for a new road cyclist who wants to gain experience at biking on roads. It's not the hard-charging hammerheads on $5,000 road bikes. It's more casual bicyclists who want to ride affordable road bikes.

Kudos to Lisa and her trusty sidekick Lynetta for selflessly putting on these road rides. Their next ride is Sunday for the Birthday Cake Ride at 7 and 7:30am

Check out's Lisa's web site for more ride info.

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lisa said...

Thanks for the mention Alan. BikingLasVegas offers 3 groups on our night rides. Social, Fitness and Intense. Each group has varying distances and pace... so best thing for a cyclist to do is to visit the website and read the details on each option and jump into the one that fits them best! Here is a direct link to the ride forum that details out all the options. Great seeing you last night!