Saturday, April 29, 2017

Jared Will Be Listening To Nevada With 2 GoPros, 1 Drone, 1 Regular Camera and 1 Bum Knee

Jared Fisher, a Las Vegas businessman running for Nevada governor, twisted his knee Friday while running around on his many errands.

So, when he was on his Specialized Fuse mountain bike Saturday getting ready for his 14-day, 1,400-mile "Listening Tour" ride to launch his campaign, his knee was a little balky while riding in the high desert outside his house in Blue Diamond.

"I was riding around here warming up to check for problems with my bike," said Fisher 47, who owns the 10,000-square-foot Las Vegas Cyclery bike shop. My knee was starting to be in pain and that's not a good sign when you're getting ready for a big bike trip."

But of you know Jared, a bum knee won't stop him from pedaling off from his Blue Diamond house at 2 a.m. Monday to bike around the state of Nevada to hear what people have to stay.

Jared will be ready to document residents from Pioche and Ely to Reno to Beatty and everywhere in between in Nevada. He'll be wearing the world's biggest backpack while pedaling and carrying a tent, sleeping bag, back pad, his business supplies and drone all in that "grand monster backpack," as he calls it.

"I have a lot of stuff in that backpark," Jared said as he stopped for gas on the way to work Saturday morning.

He'll also be bringing two GoPro cameras, the drone and a regular camera, with the drone serving as the energy source for the bevy of batteries he will bring.

He's been already chatting with local residents in Las Vegas about his run for governor and noted that a lot of people are tired of the extremists on both the left and right drawing all the attention.

"I'm finding out that most people I talk with are not hard left or hard right," Jared said.

"We don't have to hate each other,: he said. In real life, most people are good and down-to-earth and they just want to be heard. The voice of the people are not being heard and the extreme party left and right are calling all the shots for the rest of the people in America and what I'm hearing is their voices are not being heard."

To follow Jared's epic bike ride, click here for the first 500 miles.

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