Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Tampa Bay Bicyclist: Sweet Lou Piniella

Hey Joe Maddon, you're not the only Major League Baseball manager bicyclist around these here parts in Tampa.

May I introduce you to Tampa bicyclist Sweet Lou Piniella -- former manager of the Cubs, Devil Rays (yup, they were called Devil Rays when Lou managed them), Mariners and Reds.

My neighbor Eddie Escobar, a massage therapist a few doors down, told me he met Sweet Lou while they were both pedaling their bicycles on the Suncoast Trail recently.

Eddie, a lifelong Tampa man, told Lou that he knew his brother and Eddie also passed along condolences to Lou for losing his mom in the past year.

Eddie said Lou was riding a hybrid-style bicycle on the trail and appeared to be enjoying the retired life.

No better way to be enjoying retirement that by riding, that's for sure. Keep riding, Sweet Lou!

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Margaret said...

Lou! Lou! Lou! Lou!