Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bicycle Bash Parking Will Be At Branchton Park On NOV 7

This year, the Bicycle Bash festival will be in Flatwoods Park outside Tampa and we have a parking plan for you to know.

I hope that you can ride a bicycle into Flatwoods for the Bicycle Bash on NOV 7.

But if you plan to drive and are not a Bicycle Bash exhibitor or a Cure on Wheels rider, you will have to park in a designated parking area at Branchton Park on Morris Bridge Road.

You can either bike two miles along Morris Bridge Road from Branchron to the Flatwoods entrance or take a county shuttle bus, which will drop you off inside Flatwoods Park. Either way, the county parks' regular $2 parking fee will be in affect.

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Anonymous said...

It would be great for people cycling out Fletcher/Morris Bridge to the event if the County would clear the debris and overgrowth from the bike shoulders on Fletcher before the event. I called the Public Works Department this morning and was told that they have it "scheduled" for November 30. I called the request in on July 9, and it has repeatedly been scheduled for the end of a month and then not gotten to.--Ed Hillsman