Friday, October 1, 2010

Breaking News: Bike Safety on Wednesday's Hillsborough County Commission Meeting Agenda

More breaking news:

Hillsborough Commissioner Mark Sharpe has set bicycle safety as a Hillsbrough County Commission agenda item for Wednesday's meeting on Oct. 6.

The agenda itrem will be heard at 2:15 PM.

But you the bicyclist can talk publicly at 9 AM when the public comment period begins.

Please attend.

Please speak out.

Please advise the county commissioners about what it's like to bike round here. Tell them we need better roads, better educated drivers (and bicyclists, too) and more trails.

Also, the Tampa City Council the next day will be meeting at 9 AM. Attend that meeting, too, and speak out for infrastructure improvements.

I will be giving a presentation about bike infrastructure during the meeting.

As for today . . .

You're looking at a Huffy bicycle and one of the damaged cars being transported from the corner of Himes and Spruce after a car ran a red light, collided with another car and ultimately one of he cars slammed into a bicyclist waiting to cross the road. The woman in her 50s was killed and no ID as of now.

It's the sixth person who has lost her or his life while on a bicycle since Adm. LeRoy Collins was killed on July 29 in Tampa.

Six different people from all walks of life.

Their lives lost simply for pedaling a bicycle.

FOX News ran this about today's Honor The Fallen Bike Ride.

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