Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ghost Bike Dedicated This Afternoon In Tampa In Memory Of Diane Vega

Diane Vega's sister JoAnn took a hold of the white ghost bike and took it out of her car.

A few moments later, there it was -- another ghost bike standing at the side of the road in Tampa.

This time, the street corner was Himes Avenue and Spruce Street, a blue-collar neighborhood intersection where the family and friends of Diane Vega held a ghost bike dedication in the memory of Diane.

Diane, 53, was killed at the street corner Oct. 1 when she stood on the sidewalk waiting to cross with her bicycle. A car blew through a red light and created a car accident that ended with a vehicle killing Diane.

A little after 1 pm today, I joined a group of some 20 of Diane's friends and family to remember the beautiful woman, say a prayer and hope we won't have to install any more ghost bikes around Tampa Bay.

Kudos to Michelle Calonge at Joe Haskins bike shop in Tampa where the ghost bike was made in Diane's memory.

The St Pete Times did this story on ghost bikes in today's paper.

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