Friday, October 29, 2010

Bicycle Bash Parking

The Bicycle Bash festival will be situated in beautiful Flatwoods Park. The Bash will take place at the old grassy and paved parking lot next to the 7-mile paved loop and a mountain bike trail, at the "Y" water station. Imagine cycling on either trail and visiting a Bicycle Bash exhibitor withion seconds -- you're that close.

But parking is limited inside Flatswood Park to Bicycle Bash exhibitors and Cure on Wheels riders.

So, where to park your car?

First, try and ride a bicycle to Flatwoods and the Bicycle Bash.

If you drive a car, no problem. SWFBUD and Hillsborough County has set up a remote parking lot on Morris Bridge Road at Branchton Park, just south of the Cross Creek Blvd. intersection.

You can take a free shuttle bus ride right to the Bicycle Bash.

You can also park your car at Branchton and ride a bicycle to the Bash if you bring your bike.

And if you have kids and their bikes, children will be allowed to bring their bikes on the shuttle buses.

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