Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Preview: Seminole Heights Pumpkin Parade This Evening

Seminole Heights is a special neighborhood in Tampa -- and one of those reasons is the always popular kiddie pumpkin parade before Halloween.

Kids of all ages -- and I mean all ages -- show up to stroll around Lake Roberta, get photos with the local fire station truck and munch on cookies afterwards.

I rolled out the Bicycle Bash billboard trailer and served as sweeper, along with the firetruck. It was nice to see my Seminole Heights pals such as Rich Mullins, Jack "The Ghost Rider" Sweeney, Florence and her two canines, neighbors April, Mike, Laura, Brian and Liz and their kids.

Two of the finest forms of transportation right there.

That's no phony Halloween doo-doo -- that's the real manure. Cyclists, beware that road hazard whil biking around Lake Roberta.

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