Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ed Collins Asking For Any Witnesses To Step Up

My friend Ed Collins, who lost his dad July 29 when a car struck and killed him in Tampa while he was bicycling, needs your help.

Ed posted on Facebook this morning that Tampa Police are not citing the driver who killed his dad, LeRoy Collins, unless a witness can say that he or she saw Mr. Collins in the crosswalk right before or during the accident.

Ed asks that anyone who works at Tampa General Hospital and who may have been driving to work at the time Mr. Collins was killed come forward and offer any comments regarding Mr. Collins being in the croowalk.

Ed says on Facebook, "PLEASE ASK ANY FRIENDS YOU HAVE THAT WORK AT TGH IF THEY SAW THE ACCIDENT. We need another witness. It occured July 29th around 6:00 AM. PLEASE. I need your help."

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