Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bicyclist Brad Ash, Killed By A Motorist, Remembered In Pasco County

The seven Tampa Bay area bicyclists who have been killed by cars since July 29 have ranged from two teachers to a restaurant dishwasher, from a cancer researcher to a retired two-star admiral.

One of those teachers was 41-year-old Brad Ash, who was struck by a car from behind on St. Joe Road in Pasco County on Oct. 4. The driver of the 2005 GMC was Jennifer Tuttle, 30, of Dade City.

On Sunday, Brad Ash died from the injuries he sustained when he was struck by the driver.

Brad Ash taught at Pasco High School and Pasco Middle School. Brad enjoyed cycling in the Dade City area.

TBO posted this story on Brad Ash.


Anonymous said...

He was a great man. Definately someone that people looked up to at PHS. He was head of the Rock Club(rock band music). Just a very great man. He was undeserving of this and is greatly missed. I hope he's rocking out up there in Heaven.

breanna3593 said...

Ash was a wonderful man and he was also very thoughtful. He was my homeroom teacher at Pasco High freshmen and Sophmore year. He would help anyone that needed him. He will be very missed and will continue to be very VERY loved! RIP Mr. Ash :(

Chrissy said...

Wow i just came from his memorial service and i just cant believe he's dead...he was such a great teacher and he made Math fun. We will always remember him and love him for the great guy he is. R.I.P. Ash

Anonymous said...

She was probably on a cell phone! Something distracted her. What now, a family without their father. Wouldn't she want someone to pay if Scott was killed while riding his bike, connecting with god, along his path? She should pay! Financially (without limit) to that family, living without their father.