Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Citation Or Charges For Driver Who Fatally Struck Bicyclist LeRoy Collins, Jr. July 29

Tampa Police will not bring charges or give a citation to the driver who killed LeRoy Collins while he rode his bicycle in Tampa on July 29.

Ed Collins believes his dad was in the crosswalk when hit. Police say they can't tell for sure.

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Tim Cycling said...

The Tribune article - and maybe the police report - is unclear and confusing. It states the driver "stopped and looked both ways [at a red light] before turning left". Does that mean she ran the red light? Also, it quotes the Police as saying "Final rest of the vehicle is not enough to place the vehicle and Collins at impact ..." Why not? If the vehicle never moved above "idle speed" and the driver stopped immediatly after hitting Mr. Collins wouldn't that "place" the vehicle where the accident occured? Did the driver move the vehicle after the accident? The article raises many other questions.