Monday, October 11, 2010

SUV Hits Bicyclist In Pinellas Park Sunday Night

Another Tampa Bay bicyclist was hit by a driver last night.

This time, it was another hit-and-run in Pinellas Park.

The bicyclist who was hit is Karri Elizabeth Bush and she is in stable condition at Bayfront Medical Center. A 2000 Toyota SUV struck Bush as she was crossing 49th Street at 86th Avenue at around 10 p.m. in Pinellas Park

The SUV's crash into the bicyclist sent the bicyclist flying onto the SUV's roof and she clung to the roof for a few blocks before she fell off and the SUV fled.

As long as drivers know they will not be criminally punished for hitting a bicyclist, we shall continue to see reckless driving.

Yes, we need awareness and education for drivers and bicyclists. But we also need car drivers who strike bicylists to be punished.

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Anonymous said...

"Hit and Run" is against the law no matter who or what is hit.
How sad that another person was hit. And how terrible that so called "people" could inflict injury and death and flee the scene.
Wake up Tampa, the roses have lost their scent and the stinkweeds are around.