Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pumping Up The Pedal Power At The Downtown Tampa Eco-event Today

This afternoon I talked SWFBUD and bicycling at the Eco-lution event in downtown Tampa, handing out fliers for the Bicycle Bash by the Bay and chatting bicycling with anyone who stopped by the SWFBUD table. It was a pleasant event, kind of a dressed-up Earth Day event where the people who showed up already shared the green view on life.

The Urban Charrette and its "Agents of Change" put on the Eco-Lution event. The Urban Charette is mostly architects, planners, designers and generally hip greenies who feel Tampa can do a better job at building a more efficient city of more interesting, better-designed buildings, integrated transportation modes besides cars and an overall imrpoved development strategy that would improve our quality of life.

That's where bicycling comes in. Any great city is a bicycle-friendly city that has multiple ways to get around besides a car.

I was hoping for a little more people to attend the event today, but overall it was a nice-looking event. Kudos to Urban Charrette organizers Adam and Taryn for their efforts and vision of creating a better Tampa.

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