Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tale Of Two Bicyclists In Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is a mixed bag of bicycle conditions -- and bicyclists. Like this pair I bumped into during the last few days in the Seminole Heights area.

As much as I love bicyclists there are always knuckleheads like this guy. He's crossing an intersection at Nebraska and Hillsborough before he has the green light -- in fact he's crossing with a turn arrow guiding traffic from the opposite lane right into a broadside accident scenario. Plus he's wearing earphones in traffic -- and the no helmet is the least of his problems. (It doesn't help that a driver at the red light is in the crosswalk that he's using).

Then you have this bicyclist on a road bike and with a helmet, biking with traffic down 12th Street south of Sligh Avenue.

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Donald said...

But kudos to both of them for not being in a car. =)