Sunday, April 5, 2009

SHBC Helps Make Old Seminole Heights Home Tour A Success

One of the best local neighborhood Tampa events is the Old Seminole Heights Home Tour. And the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club was there to help folks visiting the 10 homes via bike and show them the bike tour tailored for today's tour.

Here is all-around terrific bicycle guy Jim Shirk, who mapped out the bike tour for the OSH Home Tour, in front of the SHBC tent.

This is where bicycling rocks. It was not a bicycle event, per se, but a cool neighborhood event where the bicycle was mixed into the event to play a great role.

We filled a few tires, cleaned a few chains and adjusted a few bikes while making new friends along the way.

Local Seminole Heights cyclists had a great time checking out the homes via bike.

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GhostRider said...

I saw a LOT of bikes on the home tour routes my opinion, the very best way to take advantage of the tour and the neighborhoods. Glad to see so many people trying a bicycle for a great community event!

Now, if my employer would only let me have the day off one of these years so I can go on the tour myself...I've missed the past 4 years.