Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meeting A Bike Commuter And Seeing A Car-Bike Crash Scene

Tonight I saw some good news and some bad news on my bike commute home.

Here's a bike commuter named Chris, who pedals home from his water authority job. A few months ago I met Chris when it was dark on the bike commute home and he was sans reflective vest and bike lights. I advised him to wear the vest and get lights on the bike.

It was nice to see Chris heeding my advice when I saw him tonight.

But about five miles up the road on Alta Drive, I saw police gathering info on a car that hit a bicyclist west of the Rampart intersection.

Las Vegas police officer told me, "He got banged up but he should be OK."

It's nice that all the DOT and safety people always advise bicyclists on how we should drive our bicycles. How about they also advise motorists that they should not hit bicyclists?

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