Saturday, April 13, 2013

The River Mountain Trail Kicked My Butt Today

The River Mountain Trail is a 34-mile loop around a mountain outside Las Vegas, which includes the route going through Henderson, Boulder City, Lake Mead and Lake Las Vegas.

I usually follow it in clockwise fashion.

But today I did the roller-coaster trail in counter-clockwise fashion, which included lung-gasping steep hills and super high winds and left me feeling like I biked 100 miles in Florida.

I saw this bicyclist wearing work boots pedaling a heavy rig up a big grade into the wind and always amazed at the zig-zag design of the trail up and down the mountains, especially between Lake Mead and Lake Las Vegas on the other side from Henderson and Boulder City.

I loved the double tunnel at Lake Mead and the section in the powerline public right-of-way.

 One of the most amazing diverse trails in America with stunning views.

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