Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BeFly Pedals The Red Rock Loop

Bicycling, by its very nature of being an activity in a car-dominated country, tends to attract unique, independent-thinking folks.

Like Beth "The BeFly" Geohagan, who does not own a multi-gear bicycle.

Yet, she insists on biking hilly Red Rock Canyon.

Several weeks ago during a visit, Beth pedaled a tank-like beach cruiser a good 500 feet from a shopping center in Summerlin to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area visitor's center.

But, she also wanted to ride the super-hilly scenic loop, which has severe uphill grades during the first five miles.

So, on Saturday the BeFly used a multi-gear hybrid bike and not only easily biked to the visitors center, she pedaled the entire scenic drive.

She enjoyed the scenery.

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