Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Red Rock Canyon Bikey Anniversary To Bob and Keely

Happy one-year anniversary nearly to the day to Bob McCall and Keely Brooks, who were married during the Wednesday morning bike ride out of Las Vegas Cyclery last year. Bike shop owner Jared Fisher of Blue Diamond did the honors and married Bob and Keely on July 3, 2013 at the State Road 159 Red Rock Overlook as part of the Las Vegas Cyclery Wed morning ride.

I had no idea that Jared was credentialed to marry people, but I guess when you're a bike shop owner you can do a lot of cool things. Especially when you're a cool guy like Jared. But check out Bob on Facebook and his main photo shows Jared serving as official bicycle nuptial man.

Here's Bob biking this morning on today's Wednesday morning ride. Bob leads local bike rides as part of his touring business, showing guests the beauty of Red Rock Canyon and of cycling.

Way to go Bob and Keely. Keep on riding!

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