Saturday, July 5, 2014

Give 'em The Rake!

I first saw Robert Lorin Andrews' three-foot rake sticking out the side of his bicycle at the 2012 Bicycle Bash festival in downtown Tampa in early November 2012.

I snapped a photo of that beauty then, and I was contacted by Robert today on Facebook as a new FB friend.

Here is the photo Robert uses for his FB profile.

I asked Robert to offer an update on his rake strategy to keep cars away from his bicycle when he pedals in the Tampa area.

Florida drivers like to pass bicyclists at full speed with just inches of clearance. Florida law requires 3 feet of clearance. When a car approaches a bicyclist, the bicyclist needs to communicate a life-saving message in two seconds or less to people who aren't paying attention and don't care. There's no time for words. An image needs to be displayed that is instantly recognized and instantly causes motorists to drive with increased caution. My rake is that image. I've used it for several years and it works very well.

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