Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Again, A Police Officer Does Not Know That A Bicyclist Can Take A Narrow Traffic Lane

I cringe every time I hear a police officer tell a bicyclist who is lawfully pedaling in a lane to move to the side or bike on the sidewalk.

My major pet peeve about motorists in Florida is that many do not understand or the know the law that permits bicyclists to take the entire lane if that lane is too narrow for a car to safely pass the bicyclist within the width of that lane.

CyclingSavvy is an excellent bike education program that explains this concept.

This issue surfaced once again when a police officer in the city of Oviedo in Seminole County incorrectly told a bicyclist to move his position from the lane.

The bicyclist said he was lawfully in the lane and that he would not bike on the sidewalk.

This verbal exchange was the topic of a TV news report.

And here's another great news nugget too.

I wrote a letter to the city of Oviedo about the law and I hope you do too. Here are the email addresses to the police, mayor and other city officials.


The police chief responded promptly to me email and I'm sharing his response:

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Cuter Commuter said...

Are there police officers who patrol on bicycles? What do they say?