Sunday, August 28, 2016

Biking Way Off The Main Roads

Around noon, I braved the mid-day heat and drove with the Pugsley to a side road off State Road 16 about about 15 miles inland west of Vero Beach.

There, I parked my car near an informal parking area off County Road 512 and began pedaling on a paved service road behind a metal bar.

What a bird paradise!

I marveled at the soaring great blue herons that flapped its mighty huge wings along an adjacent waterway.

There were smaller herons and egrets. And of course, the ospreys. Nearby is Blue Cypress Lake, a gorgeous egg-shaped lake between SR 60, the Florida Turnpike and Fellsmere.

Take your bike off road . You won't be disappointed.

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gjcourt said...

How wide a tire do you use on gravel?