Monday, June 22, 2009

Back In The Saddle This Morning

Cornwall, NY -- I was back in the saddle for a 25-miler this morning in the Hudson Highlands just south of Cornwall, about 50 miles north of New York City. Sidelined Sunday because of clammy. wet weather, my legs churned up the big roller-coaster hills along State Road 32 and a parallel road called Smith Clove as I enjoyed the vistas of emerald small mountains being ringed with wispy clouds.

Last night I met several dear friends in New Paltz, a state college town about 75 miles north of New York. And I was lucky anough to catch some lovely light dabbing the Shawangunk Mountains ridge, including the signature Mohonk Tower that's become the symbol for the "Gunks," as they're called.

While in New Paltz at the Gilded Otter microbrewery, I saw a bike lending program in front of the restaurant.

Earlier Sunday before I reached New Paltz, NY, I was at the home of my college pal Bruce and his lovely wide Debra. They cooked up a storm Sunday for lunch -- and it was criminal that I could not put those delicious calories to cycling use by logging a few bicycle miles because of the rainy, wet conditions Sunday afternoon.

Bruce is an architect by trade, and immensely talented artist. He sculpts, does photography and weaves. Here are some of his works.

Bruce and Deb's terrier, Phoebe, is a 6-year-old live wire and very talented. Here, she practices going around the poles for a future competition.

Closeup of Phoebe.

I thought Phoebe's face looked a lot like the Sea Otter mascot for the Sea Otter Classic bicycle race/festival in Monterey. Check out the similarity with the mascot face on my laptop bag.

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