Saturday, June 13, 2009

Biking In Howard County And Having An Unexpected Meeting On The Road

So, around 7:30AM today I'm cycling on Maryland 99 in the rolling countryside/suburbia of Howard County outside Baltimore when I see a cyclist with a yellow jersey on a Lemond bike.

Hmmm, that bike looked familiar to me. I recall my sister's next-door neighbor in her development had the same bike.

Well, it turned out the bicyclist on MD 99 was the next-door neighbor -- John, who moved with his wife amd two sons to a less-dense development about five miles or so away. He's pictured above.

So, this morning I biked with John and we pedaled for about 20 miles up and down Old Frederick Road.

After John left for home, I biked over to Lisbon, a small village in Howard County's horse country where I took a break at a Citgo convenience store that also had quite the smoker. Naturally, I had to get a photo of the cook and his meat as he readied the smoker for some serious business today. Check out that photo above.

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