Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Let's Visit Ithaca

Ithaca is like the Boulder, Colo. of the Finger Lakes -- a hip, cool, outdoorsy, left-leaning Republic of its local area with lots of college students and adults who still act like college students. Home to Cornell, Ithaca College and some of the most beautiful gorges in New York state.

About 10 miles north of Ithaca on State Road 96 is Trumansburg, a hip little village worthy of a visit and a stop at the cult-like famous Rongovian Embassy.

All types of farms in the Finger Lakes.

OK, time to descend into Ithaca on State Road 96.

Bikes everywhere in Ithaca -- and all types.

Didja hear? Ithaca is gorges.

Lots of gardens in Ithaca. This is the children's garden in Cass Park.

Life on the Ithaca Commons.

The Cornell tower. A very cool campus built into a huge hill sloping to the waters of the Cayuga.

Some typical bumper stickers in Ithaca.

A take on the "Ithaca is gorges" bumper sticker.

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