Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bob Roll Helps Christen Just Ride Bicycles Today

What a bicycle day.

I waited four hours to speak before the St. Petersburg City Council this morning to invite the council members to the 2009 Bicycle Bash by the Bay, which SWFBUD is holding in downtown St. Petersburg. Suggestion to St. Petersburg City Council: Have your public comment period at council meetings at the START of the meetings, not the end. The public will be happier.

Later in the day, I made it over to Just Ride Bicycles, a SWFBUD store having its Grand Opening by hosting racing icon Bob Roll. Bob was incredible, leading a morning bike ride on the rural roads of east Hillsborough County. Check out this American bike racing icon - you have to love his long sleeves while biking in Florida in June. My bicycle associate, Ellen Pierson, was on the scene for some Bob Roll Ride photos.

The Bob Roll Ride from Just Ride Bicycles gets ready to Roll.

There's Brian Eckman, owner of Carrollwood Bicycle Emporium during the Bob Roll Ride.

Check out the pack. There's Doug of the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club in the wool jersey.

Then from 6-9 PM, he signed a ton of autographs. The crowd to see Bob tonight kept coming and coming.

Bob was incredibly gracious and chatty with bike fans.

Mary-Stewart Latta is the official photographer of the local bicycle scene. She shot hundreds of photos of the 2008 Bicycle Bash by the Bay and has Bob signing some of the photos she took earlier in the day.

Store owner David Luppino talks with a Tampa Tribune reporter. Few people do more for cycling in teh Tampa Bay area than David, who was responsible for bringing Bob Roll to Hillsborough County.

Bob hangs with north Tampa's Steve Toll, inventor of the ISM bike seat that was used by US Olympic women's triathlon champs.

Hey, who's that guy with Bob Roll?

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