Friday, June 26, 2009

Today's Field Trip: Washington, DC

This morning I travelled into Washington, DC to share lunch with an old newspaper pal, Bob O'Harrow, who is at the Washington Post. Bob and I worked at the Middletown (NY) Times Herald-Record in ancient times, and we used to play hoops, hike and watch college basketball.

Like New York, Washington, DC is a big bicycle city. I was impressed with all the bicyclists getting around the city, easily beating cars around the city. Here's a row of bike rentals that you access at a kiosk with the swipe of a credit card. Cool stuff.

Fixies are everywhere.

White House in the backdrop.

There's something so funadamentally American about a dude holding a little dog while also texting in front of the White House.

It's not the White House without a few protests.

Back at ya Bob O'Harrow

A Metro station in downtown DC. People can bring bicycles on the Metro trains.

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Bridget said...

The photo of the little blond girl holding both her head and her belly while looking at the photos of the bodies of the massacred Tamil children is incredibly poignant.