Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Come Along For A Bayshore Blvd. Bike Ride

Don't forget to attend the Bayshore Blvd. plan meeting Wednesday from 4-8 PM at the Garden Club, 2629 Bayshore Blvd.

Come along for a bike ride on Bayshore. You'll see the part where a bike lane disappears and get a feel for the bumpy ride. The proposals include reducing the lanes to two from three and putting in bike lanes the entire length. SWFBUD supports the bike lanes.

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GhostRider said...

Even if lanes aren't reduced, it seems to me that there is room for painted bike lanes.

In any case, IT'S ABOUT TIME -- Bayshore is Tampa's flagship street and yet it is in such disrepair that riding on it is a nightmare. I hope the City figures out a way to beautify it and make it more accessible for ALL users.