Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cycling With A Fellow Bike Cam Fan

This morning offered my final morning ride on the field trip as tomorrow I drive home to Tampa from Maryland.

My college pal Laura Sarantis came over from Rockville, a Wash DC suburb, for a pleasant 15-mile ride. Laura and her husband Guy are outstanding commuters. Guy walks 2 1/2 miles to his Metro train stop to work in Washington DC, while Laura pedals a terrific commuter bike complete with a rear bag that has small saddlebags to hold her food and other items.

Laura also bolted a Nikon digital camera onto her helmet and a big rubber band holds it in place. Laura said her bike cam was more high-tech than me holding a camera with one hand and my bicycle with the other -- and I confess she is correct.

Laura picks up some asparagus at the local farm stand during the ride. Notice how the asparagus matches her bike shirt.

There's Laura biking.

Before Laura arrived, I took a little stroll down to the Patapsco Valley Park along the river.

Wow, an actual train showed up.

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Jeff said...

Saw a mobile video camera that attaches to a helmet at Costco over the weekend. Thought of you.