Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cycling The Big Apple

New York City -- It's amazing how fast I re-adjusted to cycling in Manhattan. I biked about 30 mile sfrom Rockland County to the George Washington Bridge, then biked across the bridge's north sidewalk to 179th Street in Upper Manhattan.

That's when everything sped up. Cars, taxis, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles == they're all coming and going in controlled chaos.

Yet, my cycling instincts kicked in and I biked down Riverside Drice to 72nd Street and then kept my hands on my brakes as I pedaled down 11th Avenue and cut across the Manhattan Island on 32nd Street to my friend Gary's apartment clear across Manhattan on 1st Avenue.

I was famished, so I gobbled up an omelette, two buckwheat pancakes and a smoothie to replace the spent calories, strolled around Union Square and the Flatiton Building and returned to Gary's apartment.

Gary signed up at a city parks workout center across the street -- a mere $10 a year for people older than 50, which Gary qualified for very easily.

So, now it's time to get ready for a trip to the Mets' new stadium. Stay tuned for Bicycle Stories photo and video coverage Wednesday.

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