Monday, May 10, 2010

Bike Lanes To The U.S. Capitol Down Pennsylvania Avenue

The League of American Bicyclists has updated the Washington, DC plan to put bike lanes down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue -- the iconic ribbon of pavement that leads to our nation's Capitol.

The plan is to convert two traffic lanes on Pennsylvania Ave. to bike-only lanes.

Most are overjoyed with the visual message these lanes share with the rest of the country.

Yet, the car industry is always looking to put down bicycling. Case in point: AAA Mid-Atlantic's Managing Director Lon Anderson, however, is not happy. In his attempt to point to the annoyance of bike lanes on Pennsylvania Ave., he managed to highlight that "20 percent of surveyed AAA members in the District said the changes would compel them to become regular bicycle commuters."

Gee, what a pity! HA!

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DSK said...

Former Tampa cyclist now in DC checking in - these new lanes are fantastic and the District has been doing a fantastic job over the past couple of years installing new bike facilities. Tampa could take a lesson here.