Sunday, May 23, 2010

Endless Bicyclists Stream Into Starbucks For HG2

What an amazing afternoon of bicycling in Seminole Heights Saturday afternoon. The Hub Grub Bike Ride had every type of bicyclist on the restaurant bike tour and we had cyclists of all ages -- from Police Chief Jane Castor's sons to 85-year-old Dot, who wore a silver helmet.

Here we are turning into Starbucks at Stop 2

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Pyra said...

HI! I am verrrrrry jealous!
I actually just ran into your blog after browsing TampaBLAB out of boredom.

I learned about the Hub Grub through the newspaper and I really wanted to join. But... my bike is missing a seat and I thought the event would be dominated by "professional, fast" bikers. After watching your video, I realize that wasn't the case-- and now I feel mad that I didn't have a bike seat. Maybe next time!