Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Great Job Ellen -- More than 1,000 Miles For The Long Ride To The Police Unity Tour

My bike pal Ellen has pedaled more than 1,000 miles to remember those law enforcement who died on duty. Here's Ellen's report:

Well rainy day but all went well. Ended with 68 miles. Brings my total up to 1,047 miles since April 30. I started getting tired today. The hills are tough on this Floridian. Tomorrow is more hills in the morning, then you start seeing our nation's capital.

Ms. Tonya Nash is riding with us this year. She lost her brother Corporal Jonathan Nash who was killed in a motorcycle accident while escorting a memorial charity ride in memory of Trooper Hardy Godbold, when the driver of a vehicle pulled in front of Corporal Nash's motorcycle, causing a collision. Trooper Godbold was also killed on the same roadway during a vehicle pursuit on February 28, 1992. One of our cyclists is riding a tandem with a SCHP helmet on the back to honor the fallen officer. The bike and helmet weigh 32 pounds. My bike weighs about 15.

61 officers have already died in the line of duty this year. That is the sad part, there will always be more names added to the wall.

Tomorrow we arrive at RFK at 12:00 PM and meet up with approximately 300 additional PUT cyclists who rode in from New Jersey.

We ride together to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial (NLEOM) arriving at 3 PM. There will be a welcoming ceremony and each cyclist will contribute a dollar in honor of an officer who could not attend the event.

On May13 at 7 PM, a candlelight vigil will be held at the NLEOM. If you have never attended I strongly suggest you do. It is a proud and emotional service for our fallen.

Members of the PUT escort the survivors to the candlelight vigil. It is a special honor. It is often difficult to talk to the families but you find the strength. After the service is concluded, a roll call of the officers names added to the wall is read. That is when my ride to honor our fallen really concludes.

Thank you all for following my journey. I am grateful is was a safe one.

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Picot said...

go Ellen! thanks for your awesome show of support. We owe a debt of gratitude for those who risk their lives for us all every day.