Tuesday, May 11, 2010

USF Cyclists Lose Pasco Court Case

A Pasco County judge rules against the five USF cyclists who were given citations for impeding traffic for biking two abreast in Pasco County.

Check out the comments. Lots of anti-bicyclist hostility around here. Sadly, it's the bicyclists who should be mad -- it's cyclists who are getting killed by drivers.


Tim B said...

Is the judges assumption that a double yellow line indicates the lanes are at least 14 feet wide true? I've never heard of that correlation.

Donald said...

I'm with Tim... besides the article sounding more like an editorial than a real piece of journalistic work, the argument sounds like "But see? The grass is green! That means Doctor Who must be the only remaining time lord!" Except much less cool because it doesn't reference Doctor Who.

Though I would be interested to know if they measured that lane. If it really isn't substandard, then clearly they should pay the fine. If it is, they should appeal.

Unknown said...

Wow, I can't believe the amount of hate for cyclist that's in the comment section of that article!