Monday, May 31, 2010

Bicyclist Stabbed by Motorist in Jacksonville

Facebook friend Mel Lucas reports that she "just found out that a friend got stabbed after his bicycle ride this morning in Jacksonville by an angry motorist. I'm so disturbed by this news! What has this world come to? And more importantly, I'm we need to start carrying weapons during our rides?"

Also, bicyclist Jim Wright contacted Jacksonville bicycle lawyer Christopher Burns about the stabbing:

"2 riders were stabbed on the Kent Campus ride by a motorist who followed us into kent campus and stoppe, got out and picked a fight. 2 hospitalized one with life threatening injuries. KAtei and I tied tournaquets and did what we could. John Faulk was stabbed 6 times. They caught the guys and he's being charged with 2 counts of aggrevated assault. :( Not a good day. Sorry to bug you on vacation."

Here's the Jacksonville newspaper story on the motorist stabbing the bicyclist.

Wright explained to the newspaper:

A man driving a pickup truck brushed up against one of the cyclists and another rider started yelling at the driver.

The driver followed the group into the parking lot, got out of his truck and moved toward one of the cyclists.

When the driver, whom Hurst said was in his late teens or early 20s, bumped his chest against the cyclist, another rider punched the driver in the face.

The driver then stabbed the cyclist who punched, and slashed another rider who tried to break it up.

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