Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Balm-Boyette Nature Preserve Closed Due To Wildfire

A Hillsborough County press release says that the Balm-Boyette Nature Preserve is closed until further notice due to a wildfire caused by a lightning strike.

The lightning strike caused an extremely hot fire in approximately 100-120 acres of
sand pines located on both sides of the main entrance. The fire is still hot and damage to the trees is a safety concern.

The strike occurred Wednesday, June 28. The tree damage could cause them to fall and many will have to taken down or removed once they fall.

The major recreation component in this part of the preserve is 18 miles of off-road bicycle trails.

The Balm-Boyette Nature Preserve is located at 13998 Balm-Boyette Road in Lithia.

Contact the Conservation Services Office at 672-7876 for additional information.

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