Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Offering 3 Feet In Greensboro, NC

Joe Mizereck of Tallahassee, who sells a yellow bike jersey with a 3-foot message and arrow for motorists to see, posts this story about Greensboro, NC trying to improve bicycling safety after cyclists were killed.

And here is Joe's excellent comment posted on the story:

Look, most motorists and cyclists get along very well together on our roads (and they are OUR roads). However, we have a lot of work to do to address the problems caused by the irresponsible and disrespecful scofflaws on both sides.

So much of the noise surrounding cycling safety issues are focused on the actions of the few motorists and cyclists who just don't get it...those few who don't care about their own safety let alone others' safety. We argue endlessly about the actions of these few scofflaws on both sides. And while we argue people are getting hurt and killed. Moms and dads and brothers and sisters and just good people are losing their lives because we cannot get it right. We cannot focus our attention on taking reasonable steps to provide "clear standards for behavior and ultimately safer roads for drivers, runners, cyclists, pedestrians and all others." We have to push aside all the meaningless noise and do whatever we can to give vulnerable road users greater protection in our car centric society. And at the same time we need to let vulnerable road users know that they have rules to follow as well...and they too will be held accountable. Authorities must address the violation of the laws by all road users.

Indeed, changing motorist behavior will save lives, but it is also important to understand that changing cyclist behavior is where we can make the greatest impact on cyclist safety because cyclists, not motorists have a very strong personal interest in modifying their behavior to be visible and predicable…the keys to safe cycling. Bottom line, cyclists can solve a majority of their own problems by riding visibly, predictably and responsibly.

Good luck Greensboro...lives are at stake.

Joe Mizereck

Founder, The "3 Feet Please" Campaign

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